Teaching with Google Earth and Google Ocean

Stone Lab, Ohio State University
August 15-21, 2010

Rosanne Fortner, COSEE Great Lakes
David Hart, Wisconsin Sea Grant

Virtual globes such as Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer are intuitive and effective tools for learning about the environment. This course provided eight teachers from five states with the concepts and methods needed to apply virtual globes in environmental education. During their week at Stone Lab on Lake Erie in Ohio, teachers developed lesson plans and virtual globe applications on topics including invasive species, climate change, and earth science.

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Teacher Projects

Course Instructor Projects
  • A lesson about struggling fisheries based on Billy Joel's song "Downeaster Alexa", Rosanne Fortner [summary, lesson, music video, kml file]
  • Google Lit Trip for Holling C. Holling's children's book "Paddle-to-the-Sea", David and Noah Hart [summary, kml file]
  • Google Lit Trip for Ernest Hemingway's short story "The Big Two-Hearted River", David and Madeleine Hart [summary, kml file]

Example Lessons and Activities

Great Lakes Lessons

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Social Networking for Great Lakes Maps, Data, and Decision-Support Tools
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Contact: Rosanne Fortner (fortner.2 *at* osu.edu) and David Hart (dahart *at* wisc.edu)
URL: http://www.greatlakesmashups.net/stonelab2010/index.html
Last updated: September 3, 2010