• Wisconsin Coastal Atlas

    The Wisconsin Coastal Atlas is an innovative web resource that helps people better understand coastal issues, share coastal data, and inform decision-making about sustainable use of the Great Lakes.


  • Wisconsin Coastal Guide

    The Great Lakes Circle Tour leads you around the largest freshwater system on the planet but the main route often takes you far from the water's edge. The Wisconsin Coastal Guide shows you where to pull off the highway for a quiet beach, a hidden lighthouse, or a secluded park.


  • Hydrologic Dashboard for the Fox-Wolf Watershed

    The hydrologic dashboard links web mapping and data visualization to explore the spatial pattern of large rainstorm events in the Fox-Wolf River watershed in Wisconsin.


  • Wisconsin GeoTools Project

    This project allows environmental groups to form digital spatial narratives for their own coastal community. The pilot project is under development in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


  • St. Louis River Estuary - The Stories and the Science

    This website connects stories about the use and conservation of water resources with the science of land use impacts on water quality to enhance spatial awareness and stewardship of the St. Louis River Estuary.


  • St. Louis River Estuary - Deep Map

    This map allows one to dig deep into the St. Louis River Estuary by uncovering its history, ecology, issues, and people.


  • Great Lakes Mapping Mashups

    This websites provides coastal managers with the resources and knowledge to develop their own web mapping application and decision support tools.


University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute

The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute applies geospatial technologies to support sustainable management of the Great Lakes. Here are some of the mapping resources that support this effort.

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